Why Do You Need a WordPress Care Plan?

Why Do You Need a WordPress Care Plan

WordPress is one of the most popular open-sourced web publishing tools.

In fact, according to Techjury, currently, over 455 million websites are using the WordPress platform.

But no matter how easy it is to set up a website on WordPress, you will have to make sure you regularly update and maintain it.

What is a WordPress Care Plan?

Imagine if you were running a high street store, you would need to hire someone to handle daily maintenance and repair tasks of the infrastructure, an accountant, and other experts to ensure your store is well taken care of and running smoothly.

Now, imagine your website as a high street store that requires regular maintenance and repair to ensure that it runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Why is Having a WordPress Maintenance Plan Important?

Typical Care plans include:

• Regular security checks
• Uptime monitor
• Regular backups
• Plugin and theme updates
• WordPress core updates
• Monthly reports

All of these tasks are essential for your website’s smooth functioning and efficiency, and consequently, your business.

Regular Security Checks

Just as a high street store is susceptible to threats from unauthorised intruders, your website is also in danger from hackers and other software security threats. An attack on your website leaves important information, including client details, available to hackers.

You may be wondering why anyone would want to get into your website. However, hackers do not particularly need a reason to hack a website, and every online business is equally at risk from hackers. Thus, you need a care plan, that includes regular security scans to keep your website safe and secure.

Uptime Monitor

How would you know if your website went down for any reason? Many website owners are unaware that there website is not displaying. Your visitors are very unlikely to let you know and may assume you have closed the business!

Having a care plan that includes uptime monitoring will put your mind at ease and notify you if your site goes down.

Regular Backups

You have to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. You never know when there may be a disaster looming that could result in the loss of your on-site data. Therefore, you should always have a backup stored in an off-site location or in the cloud, allowing you to restore your website quickly.

Even if your website gets attacked, you don’t have to worry about setting it up from scratch, as you can simply restore it using the backup you have saved. Several companies offer cloud services to clients. However, with a proper WordPress care plan, you will not need to hire another company as regular backups are included in the plan.

Plugin and Theme Updates

Have you recently noticed your website has become slow or the design looks different in some way? Well, it’s probably because you have errors due to having and old version of a plugin, theme, or even WordPress core itself.

A slow website for instance can be harmful to your business in many ways. Most importantly, though, it means that your website will not rank well on search engine results pages, and you may lose clients who turn to a competitor’s website instead of waiting for yours to load.

WordPress Core Updates

Apart from keeping an eye on your plugins and theme it is of vital importance to keep your version of WordPress up to date.

WordPress core updates don’t occur on such a regular basis as those for the plugins and themes but when they do you must take note and act accordingly. Failure to do so is an open invitation for a visit from an unscrupulous bot with less than desirable intentions!

Monthly Reports

Your monthly report will keep you updated on what functions were performed, updates made, and the finding of security issues, and so on. You will know exactly what the WordPress maintenance plan is doing for your website and how you are benefitting from it.

Final Word

You can easily find a WordPress care plan to suit your needs. These plans ensure your website is well-maintained, secure, and updated at all times, which will help it perform better, show better SEO results, and help retain clients by improving user experience.

Why You Should Design Your Website With Shopify

Thinking about getting your products online but not sure what e-commerce platform to choose? You may want to check out Shopify. With its wide range of themes, app features, and 24/7 support, Shopify is a great option for creating a beautiful e-commerce web store.

A little about Shopify

Shopify is a popular option for businesses that wish to start an online shop. With this platform, you can set up your customised online store and manage it from anywhere.

This e-commerce provider also provides apps, themes, and tools that allow developers to customise websites in line with the needs of their clients’ business objectives. In addition to this, Shopify also has the option for e-commerce owners to sell their products and services through a variety of other channels too. These include Facebook, Amazon, Shopify POS, and Facebook Messenger.

Why Design with Shopify?

Wondering what’s the whole hype around Shopify? Honestly, you’ve got to experience it for yourself. But, I can highlight the many advantages the e-commerce hosting platform offers that make it a preferred solution for businesses looking to increase sales of their products.

Wide Variety of Design Themes

When it comes to webshops, the whole look and feel of the website has a direct effect on user experience. With Shopify, you can easily customise and make changes to the visual design of your e-commerce website.

How? By using the wide variety of themes available on the platform. The themes are sorted too – so, you can choose from grid-style layouts to beautiful image intensive designs or opt for minimalist styles. Your developer can also customise themes to make your website look more appealing, and thereby enrich the user experience.

Choice of Tools

Shopify also offers a good choice of tools that will help you make your e-commerce website even more interactive. Enhance your customers’ experience on your webshop by enabling features such as smart search, videos, and 360-degree product views to your website.

Website administrators can also take advantage of special tools such as blog import, subscription-manager, and data transfer to further simplify their tasks. In short, Shopify’s website design tools can help you manage your webshop whilst also improving your conversion rate.

Free and Paid Apps

Shopify’s app store is home to a number of free and paid apps that you can choose from. Developers can easily build and run their e-commerce stores with the help of the app store – no need for lengthy and complex coding anymore although HTML and CSS experience is a bonus. Plus, there are apps that cater for different functions too.

You can select apps to help simplify your everyday business requirements like inventory management, accounting and shipping. Or you may want an app for your marketing and sales needs, to help you drive traffic to your site, increase engagement, and boost conversions.

There are also reporting apps available for analysing customer behavior and your sales figures and even tracking the traffic sources to your webshop. There is no need to depend on third-party tools for your marketing and analytics requirements.

Optimised for Mobile

It’s the norm for all businesses to have a mobile presence these days and Shopify can help optimise your webshop for mobile devices, thereby boosting your mobile presence.

It’s extremely important that developers make use of mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive themes while optimising their clients’ websites for mobile users. Shopify can help developers with that. Plus, the e-commerce platform allows developers to use its built-in mobile-based shopping cart too.

The Mobile Shopify App serves as the ultimate solution for business owners like you to accept payments and fulfill orders. You can even directly manage your e-commerce shop through your iOS or Android device.

Payment Gateway Support

Did you know Shopify supports 70+ international payment gateways? This support is extremely useful as it allows you to choose a payment gateway of your choice. Shopify can then help integrate the same into your e-commerce application.

That said, you’ll have to pay transaction charges for each customer transaction if you’ve enabled a third-party payment gateway. If you want to skip this fee, you need to choose Shopify Payment as your payment gateway. However, do remember that this payment gateway is available only in select countries as of now.

100% Secure and Reliable

With Shopify, you’re opting for a 100% secure and reliable e-commerce website hosting solution. Customers, these days, want things like online purchases, done fast. Hence, it’s very important to have a website, especially an e-commerce site, which loads fast. Any website that takes more than three seconds to load is likely to be abandoned by customers. Also, customers sometimes stay away from webshops due to concerns around security and privacy.

Shopify not only offers you unlimited bandwidth, but it provides a holistic hosting solution for your e-commerce website. It provides a variety of features to improve the speed and loading time of your site. Plus, it also provides SSL options for 100% payment security and complete safety of your customers’ data.

Support 24/7

Website downtimes are an issue for online shops. It not only leads to revenue loss, but it also hurts your reputation and makes you lose customers too. When you’re starting out, you won’t have the budget to hire full-time technical manpower to handle such issues. That’s where Shopify can help with their dedicated round-the-clock support. Shopify’s support team is available via email, phone, or live chat.

Another big advantage that Shopify offers compared to its competitors is the 14-day free trial period. Once the trial period expires, you can choose one of Shopify’s paid membership plans – Basic Shopify, Shopify, or Advanced Shopify. These plans differ in terms of price and features offered. You can opt for a plan that provides the features that will help your e-commerce business establish itself in the market.

If you are looking for a Shopify web designer to build your new e-commerce website I can help!

Simply contact me here www.virtualeap.com/contact or call 0203 637 6310.

How Does Your Website Look On Different Devices

Your website visitors are using many different screen sizes to view your business so it goes without saying that your site must look good on all of them.

Of course google analytics will tell you what percentage of visitors use a certain size screen and there are a number of online tools that will replicate your site for the different sizes.

One of the most accurate and my favourite is the responsive tool from chrome developer tools.

The tool comes with presets of the most popular devices and there is an option to add your own.

Just go to the 3 small dots in the top right hand corner of the chrome browser and select More tools and then Developer tools.

You will then see the options to change device sizes at the top of the screen.

I have made a short video below please take a look!

For more information on using chrome developer tools click here.

Mailjet Review

Mailjet review email marketing

I started using the Mailjet email service 8 months ago and this software has helped me to dramatically enhance my email marketing campaigns. The software allows me to create professional marketing emails that can be used to promote events, send out newsletters and connect with my clients.

I currently use the Premium plan and can send up to 30,000 dedicated marketing emails every month. Both marketing and transactional emails can be sent using this software and Mailjet makes it easy to track responses. Quality leads can be generated in less time than ever before. This provides me with the time and freedom I need to focus on other aspects of my business.

One of the great things about Mailjet is that new users are able to sign up free of charge. The signup process is designed to be very quick and easy and can be completed in just a couple of minutes. After supplying a few personal details such as name, email address and country of residence, I was sent a confirmation email. I simply clicked on the link to confirm my email address and was good to go.

Drag and Drop Templates

Mailjet guides new users through the whole email marketing process, starting with designing the marketing email. Each step of the process is clearly set out and easy to follow.

The software boasts a number of smart and modern templates that are designed to cover a whole host of categories such as events, e-commerce, travel, and much more. Users can simply drag-and-drop their information into the templates. There is also an easy to use template editor.

It is possible for people who are working in a team to invite their co-workers to join. This helps to make collaboration very easy. Each member of the team can see what the others are working on in real-time.

The email builder feature comes complete with a dedicated area where all of my team members are able to exchange messages and collaborate on a large number of emails simultaneously.

This communication takes place in real-time and is especially useful for team members who are working remotely. Every member of the team is able to work more efficiently and this feature also adds transparency to the workload so that no one gets left behind.



The dedicated stats tab is a really nice feature as it allows me to view various email statistics whilst generating reports. The subscription forms tool makes it possible to create eye-catching subscription forms that I can easily integrate on my websites as well as those of my clients.

Even people who don’t have design skills or technical knowledge should find this easy to do. This is a great way to capture the contact information of visitors to your website and can be used to promote products and services in the form of a newsletter.

Contacts can be organised into different groups very easily, while multiple lists can also be created. Automated SMS and emails can be used for all aspects of my business such as receiving orders, processing payments, shipping information, booking confirmations and so on.

Fabulous Personalisation Options

Another thing that really makes this software stand out from the crowd are the personalisation options. It is easy to incorporate the specific details of my business as well as details relating to the clients I am trying to reach into standard marketing emails.

User discounts and other incentives can be added very easily and adapted at any time. Even though the marketing emails are generated very quickly, my clients are left feeling as though they have been personally selected for special attention, which of course means that they are more likely to respond.

The free version of Mailjet boasts everything that users need to get started. People who have already found their feet and want to take things to the next level can choose to pay for a monthly subscription. This will give you many extra features that will help to bring in more business.

Excellent Free Version

However, one of the great things about Mailjet is the fact that there is no pressure to pay for it. You can continue using the free version for as long as you want. The free package allows you to send up to 6,000 emails per month with a daily limit of 200 emails.

This provides enough scope to put the software through its paces before committing to the monthly subscription. Even with the free version, you will get full access to Mailjet’s core toolkit, which includes APIs, the email editor and a detailed statistical analysis.

Mailjet is easy enough for those new to email marketing to use and makes creating marketing emails a very fast process. First time users are guided throughout and are provided with hints and tips that help them to get started.

The Not So Good

It is difficult to say anything negative about the Mailjet platform especially with it’s generous free tier and very competitive upgrade options.

If I had to pick a couple then I would say that the support options are a little limited and when for instance you want to resend to the subscribers who didn’t open the first time it is not as easy to do as other email marketing software.

If you are not already using Mailjet, it is time to check it out and see how it can help to enhance your business.

Sign up for free here www.mailjet.com

Disclaimer: This Mailjet review was written after using the software for 8 months and does include affiliate links.

How Social Signals Impact SEO

There is always a lot of debate in the SEO community regarding the impact that social media signals have on search engine rankings.

Google as always gives little away on this subject for obvious reasons but there have been many case studies suggesting that it does actually help. Take a look at the infographic below to see more.

How Social Signals affect ranking - Virtualeap Digital Marketing Services London

Infographic courtesy of QuickSprout

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