Which Social Media Accounts Are You Using?

From Likes to Leads How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Business

There are many different networks that you could be using for your social media marketing. Each network allows certain industries to thrive; however, this also means that some are simply not fit for specific industries.

You could waste your time creating social media accounts for your business on every social networking platform – or, you can take the time to understand which channel is best for you, and go from there. Take a look at the most popular platforms below.


The largest social media network in the entire world, with over 1.3 billion users, Facebook is recommended for when you want to start off your marketing efforts the right way. Since there are so many people on Facebook (over half of all Facebook users are online every single day), it doesn’t matter what industry or niche your website is in.

For Facebook, virtually all businesses should have at least one regularly updated Facebook page. It doesn’t matter who your audience is, what your strategy is, or what your business model is – Facebook should be added to your list of social media accounts to use no matter what.


Another must-have in your social media account arsenal is, of course, Twitter. With the average user spending almost three hours a month on Twitter, this social network is a great way to let your audience feel more connected to your business.

This particular platform is where countless businesses have gone viral simply because of the hashtags they use, which causes more people to favorite and retweet, which in turn increases your Tweets visibility.

Google Business

Anyone who runs their own business is sure to be aware of the importance of reaching a prominent place in the search results of Google. While there are lots of different ways of doing this, most require a lot of testing as well as a little patience.

Google Business is a specially created dashboard for managing local listings that will help you improve your local visibility.


While LinkedIn is namely a platform designed for business to business marketing, it still has a business to client marketing aspect that makes it desirable for a lot of business owners to use. There are over 270 million users on LinkedIn, and statistically, two new people join LinkedIn every second.

With those kind of staggering numbers, using LinkedIn for some B2B marketing will not only benefit the businesses that you help market, but it will also market your own business – this goes especially if other businesses see that you’re helping market them and return the favour. With this particular social media platform, you have the ability to open your network more than you ever thought possible with businesses similar to yours.


An optional social media network to take advantage of is the visual platform that is Instagram. You can promote your personal brand, as well as your business, with this particular networking platform.

Unlike other social media accounts, you don’t have to keep Instagram too regularly updated to maintain a hefty number of followers. With Instagram, you will instead be spending most of your time liking and commenting on other user’s pictures. Following all of the hashtags that you use, you can find a pool of other users easily.


Email platforms used to be considered the most popular sharing platforms available. Now, Pinterest is actually considered the most popular sharing platform. As a bonus, this social media network provides the highest revenue per click than any other social networking site.

Utilising Pinterest correctly and having it directly lead back to your website through multiple folders and pictures will allow you to build your audience to your website in the most affordable way, since using Pinterest is free. This goes for all of the other social networking sites on this list.


For industries where videos are relevant, YouTube is an excellent social media platform that has a variety of benefits. Standing as the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube has surpassed Yahoo and Bing, two search engines vying for the second-place spot for well over a decade now.

When you have a video social media website that reaches more adults in the US than any cable television network, taking action and incorporating YouTube into your digital marketing plan is highly recommended.

It’s easy to see that when you take advantage of multiple social media platforms at once, you have the opportunity to truly engage with every fan or follower which could in turn lead to more business.

By utilising social media marketing, you also increase the chance of the majority of the marketing being done for you, with how almost incredibly easy it is to make a video, post, or picture go viral.

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 Article by Danny Smith | Virtualeap

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