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I started using the Mailjet email service 8 months ago and this software has helped me to dramatically enhance my email marketing campaigns. The software allows me to create professional marketing emails that can be used to promote events, send out newsletters and connect with my clients.

I currently use the Premium plan and can send up to 30,000 dedicated marketing emails every month. Both marketing and transactional emails can be sent using this software and Mailjet makes it easy to track responses. Quality leads can be generated in less time than ever before. This provides me with the time and freedom I need to focus on other aspects of my business.

One of the great things about Mailjet is that new users are able to sign up free of charge. The signup process is designed to be very quick and easy and can be completed in just a couple of minutes. After supplying a few personal details such as name, email address and country of residence, I was sent a confirmation email. I simply clicked on the link to confirm my email address and was good to go.

Drag and Drop Templates

Mailjet guides new users through the whole email marketing process, starting with designing the marketing email. Each step of the process is clearly set out and easy to follow.

The software boasts a number of smart and modern templates that are designed to cover a whole host of categories such as events, e-commerce, travel, and much more. Users can simply drag-and-drop their information into the templates. There is also an easy to use template editor.

It is possible for people who are working in a team to invite their co-workers to join. This helps to make collaboration very easy. Each member of the team can see what the others are working on in real-time.

The email builder feature comes complete with a dedicated area where all of my team members are able to exchange messages and collaborate on a large number of emails simultaneously.

This communication takes place in real-time and is especially useful for team members who are working remotely. Every member of the team is able to work more efficiently and this feature also adds transparency to the workload so that no one gets left behind.



The dedicated stats tab is a really nice feature as it allows me to view various email statistics whilst generating reports. The subscription forms tool makes it possible to create eye-catching subscription forms that I can easily integrate on my websites as well as those of my clients.

Even people who don’t have design skills or technical knowledge should find this easy to do. This is a great way to capture the contact information of visitors to your website and can be used to promote products and services in the form of a newsletter.

Contacts can be organised into different groups very easily, while multiple lists can also be created. Automated SMS and emails can be used for all aspects of my business such as receiving orders, processing payments, shipping information, booking confirmations and so on.

Fabulous Personalisation Options

Another thing that really makes this software stand out from the crowd are the personalisation options. It is easy to incorporate the specific details of my business as well as details relating to the clients I am trying to reach into standard marketing emails.

User discounts and other incentives can be added very easily and adapted at any time. Even though the marketing emails are generated very quickly, my clients are left feeling as though they have been personally selected for special attention, which of course means that they are more likely to respond.

The free version of Mailjet boasts everything that users need to get started. People who have already found their feet and want to take things to the next level can choose to pay for a monthly subscription. This will give you many extra features that will help to bring in more business.

Excellent Free Version

However, one of the great things about Mailjet is the fact that there is no pressure to pay for it. You can continue using the free version for as long as you want. The free package allows you to send up to 6,000 emails per month with a daily limit of 200 emails.

This provides enough scope to put the software through its paces before committing to the monthly subscription. Even with the free version, you will get full access to Mailjet’s core toolkit, which includes APIs, the email editor and a detailed statistical analysis.

Mailjet is easy enough for those new to email marketing to use and makes creating marketing emails a very fast process. First time users are guided throughout and are provided with hints and tips that help them to get started.

The Not So Good

It is difficult to say anything negative about the Mailjet platform especially with it’s generous free tier and very competitive upgrade options.

If I had to pick a couple then I would say that the support options are a little limited and when for instance you want to resend to the subscribers who didn’t open the first time it is not as easy to do as other email marketing software.

If you are not already using Mailjet, it is time to check it out and see how it can help to enhance your business.

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Disclaimer: This Mailjet review was written after using the software for 8 months and does include affiliate links.

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