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If you’re working with a WordPress website, you’ll soon realise how plain and boring it is without the proper plugins. Just like there’s an app for everything on your phone, there’s a WordPress plugin for anything you could need on your website. However, you don’t just want to add as many plugins that you can get your hands on – you want to pick the best ones so that your website can stay organised and functional. That’s why I’ve put together a list of my favourite plugins.


Probably the number one must-have on the list, this particular plugin allows you to back-up your WordPress site. We’ve found that this has saved our clients skins more than once, and with the plugin also having a feature that allows you to schedule automatic backups daily or even twice daily, you don’t even have to think about it. It all just happens in the background!

Wordfence Security

The ultimate security plugin, this is a recommended option if you want your website to stay as safe as possible. It has a high-speed cache along with all of the security it provides. Wordfence Security prevents your site from ever getting hacked by identifying and protecting any malicious traffic. The plugin blocks out any potential attackers so that your website stays secure at all times, a benefit for you and all the others visitors who visit your site.

Yoast SEO

This plugin allows you to optimise your content so that you can reach out to a wider audience. Enhance your website with XML sitemaps, on-page content analysis, and more from the all-in-one SEO solution. Yoast SEO is actually one of the most frequently downloaded and most popular plugins from the inventory of plugins that WordPress offers. It not only analyzes and helps you correct common SEO mistakes, but it teaches you why you’re making those mistakes in the first place, enhancing your SEO skills every time you log onto your site.

Simple Share Buttons Adder

The title kind of speaks for itself, but you want your visitors to be able to share the content and pictures that they’re engaging in on your website – this plugin allows you to do just that. Giving visitors a share button for all of the popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, allows them to do your marketing and networking for you!

W3 Total Cache

This is a great framework for WordPress Performance. Not only does it increase the page speed and enhance the overall user’s experience, but W3 Total Cache also has a fantastic reputation as it is. It’s recommended by web hosts like Go Daddy and DreamHost and trusted by companies like AT&T, not to mention trusted and recommended by us on this very website.

Contact Form 7 and Contact Form 7 Style

These plugins allow you to make it easy for visitors to contact you, as the website owner, and it also works well on tablets and mobiles. Using both of these plugins simultaneously will allow you to format your forms to look great as the standard contact 7 form is rather basic and would need advanced knowledge to change the design.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

A tracking code is automatically inserted into every page on your website when you use this plugin. That tracking code allows you to get real-time statistics for each page in your dashboard. Google Analytics reports and information are also available for display once you being to utilize this plugin.

TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE is an advanced editor in your wordpress control panel, allowing you to make changes to your pages with options that aren’t available with the standard wordpress editor such as changing the size of the font and font family.


Create glorious pop-ups and opt-in forms that your readers will actually interact with instead of just finding annoying. You get to see all the analytics live and it has an exit-intent technology, which basically means when a user is about to leave your site, an opt-in form pops up. It also has features like split testing and page-level targeting.


This last plugin has a variety of features that makes it almost a must-have for the majority of our websites. It helps with, optimizes, and enhances everything from security to image performance. It can help protect your website, get more traffic, and optimize it for speed and performance.

These WordPress plugins most likely won’t complete your website, but it’ll get all of the basics and necessities that you need out of the way so that you can focus on niche-specific plugins in the future.

I’m a freelance web designer in London and can advise you on all aspects of WordPress design and set up!

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