If you’ve got this far, you’re looking at the rates to get an idea of how much my digital marketing services are going to cost you. I don’t hide any fees that will sneak up on you later. Instead, I prefer to provide my rates up front so that you’re aware of what you’re committing to when we start a business relationship together.

Using time-tracking software, I charge an hourly rate of £25. Each month, I will send a detailed report and an invoice. It’s more organised and convenient for both parties involved this way.

If you’d like, I also offer a retainer package. This means you can purchase a set amount of hours upfront so that you can use them at your leisure. While I do offer this special package, I do have a limit on how long the retainer is good for. It does expire after 30 days; however, the discounts I offer based on the upfront hours  makes this package worth thinking about.

While these are the rates I offer for upfront payment, I also offer fixed price services. One particular project may cost more or less than the last, depending on a number of variables. If you’d like to know how much a specific project will cost, feel free to contact me and I can give you a quote. I’m available via telephone, Skype, and Email.